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Important Changes 2019  USGA
Teresa Fisher, Rules Chair

Understanding the new rule on Net Double Bogey for Posting Purposes:

The new USGA rules outline the maximum a golfer may take on an individual hole, dependent upon that golfer’s handicap at each individual course.


  1.  Know your handicap index.

  2. Know how to “pop” your scorecard (more below).

  3. Before you play, look up your handicap index on each course.


Let’s say you’re playing handicap index is 18 on Cathedral Canyon.  

“Pop” your scorecard – that means put a little tick in the upper right-hand corner of each hole. For the person with an 18 handicap, that means one stroke per hole. If you have a 12 handicap on the course, you would put one tick on 12 holes starting with the hardest handicapped hole and continuing through the 12th hardest hole.  This golfer will NOT receive strokes on 6 holes.

So, when it comes to Net Double Bogey, here’s how to figure out the maximum you may post per hole:

1.  Note your actual number of strokes on a par 5, for example.

2.  If you scored 11 on it, you don’t have to post the 11. So what do you post?

3. If your handicap is 18, you will get one “stroke” on that hole.  So the highest you may post is:  5 (par) + 2 (double bogie) + 1 (the stroke you’re allowed) = 8.  

4. So, instead of posting 11 for that hole, you post 8.

Rules Changes in Pictures
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